Puzzle Adventure Blockle

Puzzle Adventure Blockle

Average rating 6.2


Rotate the world to find a path to the goal in this rotating puzzle game. Go on an adventure to the mysterious Wonder Labyrinth with Kulu, just a regular Kat trying to find his way and the beautiful Arika who has lost her memory.

Game info

Title Puzzle Adventure Blockle
Release date 3rd Aug 2017
eShop price £5.99
Average rating 6.2
Total reviews 3
Players 1
Developer Intense
Publisher Intense


Site Rating
(out of 10)
Review date Link
Switch Player 5.0
Actual: 2.5/5
14th Aug 2017 Read review
Cubed3 6.0 7th Aug 2017 Read review
Nintendo World Report 7.5 7th Aug 2017 Read review

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