About World of Switch

World of Switch (WOS) is a site dedicated to the Nintendo Switch. The main focus is on reviews, stats, and providing a database of Switch games.

The games database is updated frequently throughout the week. Reviews and rankings are updated daily, if new reviews are available to add.

A quick history

Below is a summary of a few milestones in the history of WOS. This doesn't include the frequent updates to the games database, reviews, and ranks.


  • 11th Oct - Revamp of Reviews page; adding score badges
  • 10th Oct - Revamp of homepage, Games pages
  • 5th Aug - 10,000 review scores!
  • 23rd July - Added Twitter login
  • 22nd June - Major reorganisation of Games section (new "Browse by" pages)
  • 9th May - Stats milestone: 2000 games
  • 24th Apr - Top Rated is now a Top 100
  • 18th Mar - Released Games is now an A-Z
  • 3rd Feb / 11th Feb - Improved Calendar layout
  • 6th Jan - Added developer and publisher pages


  • 24th Dev - Added Games collection
  • 29th Nov - Added Tags
  • 8th Oct - Added support for self-serve partner reviews
  • 7th Oct - Added support for user reviews
  • 8th Sep - Stats milestone: 1000 games
  • 7th Aug - Added packshots
  • 31st May - Stats milestone: 700 games and 4000 review scores
  • 27th May - 1st anniversary of the stats microsite becoming the main site!
  • 17th Mar - Stats milestone: 500 games and 3000 review scores
  • 4th Feb - Added member registration


  • 27th Dec - Completed work on the review importer
  • 21st Oct - Improvements to navigation, charts, News, sortable tables
  • 15th Oct - Ranking added to games. Simple News section added mostly for site news
  • 25th Aug - Refocusing on charts, stats and reviews. Closed the wordpress.com blog
  • 10th Aug - New homepage
  • 16th Jul - New-look website
  • 25th Jun - Added average review score, total review count, and Top Rated page
  • 22nd Jun - Added first review links
  • 27th May - Moved stats microsite to be the main site; moved blog to wordpress.com
  • 21st May - Launched separate stats microsite
  • 3rd Apr - Launched worldofswitch.com - initially as a WordPress blog

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