Danger Mouse: The Danger Games

Danger Mouse: The Danger Games
Rank All-time 1084/1355 2018 N/A Sep 2018 #56
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eShop price £4.49
Europe release 13th Sep 2018
US release 13th Sep 2018
Japan release Unreleased
Genres Action , Arcade , Party , Racing
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8 partner reviews Average rating 6.03

Site Rating Review date Link
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Switch Player 4.0 22nd May 2019 Read review
Two Beard Gaming 6.0 15th Sep 2018 Read review
The New Odyssey 6.2 2nd Dec 2018 Read review
SwitchWatch 7.0 18th Sep 2018 Read review
Miketendo64 7.0 11th Sep 2018 Read review
Gert Lush Gaming 7.0 21st Sep 2018 Read review
Rapid Reviews UK 8.0 30th Sep 2018 Read review

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General details
Players 1-4
Developer(s) 9th Impact Studios
Publisher(s) 9th Impact Studios