Marble It Up!

Marble It Up!

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Title Marble It Up!
Release date: Europe 29th Oct 2018
Release date: US 29th Sep 2018
Release date: Japan Unreleased
eShop price £17.99
Players 1
Developer Bad Habit
Publisher Bad Habit
Genres Action
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The Switch Effect 8.0
Actual: 4.0/5
30th Oct 2018 Read review
Destructoid 6.5 13th Oct 2018 Read review
Pure Nintendo 6.0 10th Oct 2018 Read review
Miketendo64 9.0 1st Oct 2018 Read review
Nintendo World Report 7.0 1st Oct 2018 Read review
Nindie Spotlight 8.5 30th Sep 2018 Read review

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