Review partners

If you have a site where you publish Switch reviews and you're not already a reviewer, we'd love to hear from you.

Please note the following criteria:

  • We need your reviews to contain a numeric rating - either a score out of 5, or out of 10.
  • We need an RSS feed containing only your Switch reviews. There should not be games for other platforms in the feed. There should only be reviews in the feed - no news posts, previews, or features.
  • If you can't provide an RSS feed or we are unable to process it, you can submit your reviews individually via our "Partner reviews" screen in the members area.
  • You'll get extra brownie points if your feed contains post titles formatted in a consistent way, so our title-matching tool can automatically link your reviews to games in our database.
  • You'll get even more brownie points if your feed contains the review score in a field that we can easily pick up. Very few reviewers are able to do this - you'll save us a lot of manual work if you can include it.

If that all sounds ok, we'll need some details from you:

  1. the name and URL of your site
  2. your name and role at the site - if you're not the owner, make sure they're ok with you approaching us
  3. a rough idea of how many Switch reviews you have - don't worry, if you're not sure, we can tell you this if we sign you up
  4. a link to your Switch reviews feed - again, if you're not sure, we can have a look for this if we know where your site is

To apply, contact

Optional: RSS feed requirements

If you're able to provide a custom RSS feed, we need the following fields for each review:

  • Name of game
  • Date of review
  • Link to the review
  • Rating

Sample feeds: