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Developer info

Name QubicGames


Title Release date
Utopia 9 - A Volatile Vacation 19th Jan 2019
Odium to the Core 25th Dec 2018
Super Hero Fight Club: Reloaded 24th Dec 2018
Mana Spark 22nd Dec 2018
Wondershot 22nd Dec 2018
Coffee Crisis 30th Nov 2018
One Strike 8th Jun 2018
Jumping Joe & Friends 1st Jun 2018
Pirates: All Aboard! 13th Apr 2018
Grid Mania 2nd Mar 2018
Mad Carnage 2nd Feb 2018
Brawl 19th Jan 2018
Tactical Mind 30th Dec 2017
Astro Bears Party 28th Sep 2017
Robonauts 15th Sep 2017