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7 1
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All stats on this page refer to Nintendo Switch reviews only. Any other platforms reviewed by this site are not included in these figures.

Where scores are awarded that are not whole numbers, these have been rounded up or down for the distribution stats. E.g. Anything from 7.5 to 8.4 would be rounded to an 8. 8.5 would round to a 9.

Latest reviews from Side Quest VGM

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Game Date Rating vs avg Link
Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force 2019-01-28 7.0 0.00
Horizon Shift '81 2019-01-09 6.0 -1.73
Xenoraid 2019-01-07 6.0 -0.06
Sonic Forces 2019-01-03 5.0 -0.83

As Side Quest VGM does not rank games out of 10, we have converted all ratings to the equivalent score out of 10.

The "vs avg" column shows how each review compares with the average rating recorded for a game. Green/positive numbers indicate reviews with ratings above the average; red/negative numbers indicate ratings below the average. If a rating equals the average (which is fairly uncommon), a grey 0.00 will be shown instead. Games with fewer than 3 reviews will show "N/A" as the average rating is not as useful with only 1 or 2 reviews in total.